For PC Users Only 

These should be set in your Internet Explorer Browser (on PC) as Microsoft Excel Add-in uses Internet Explorer as the browser behind the scenes.  

 Cache Settings:

You can change your Cache settings by following the below steps . On your Internet Explorer ,Open Internet Options ,which should open a popup as below 

Here click on  "Settings" button(highlighted in red in above image), which should open another pop up as shown below 

In the above window ,Set "Notify me when a website cache or database exceeds" value to 250 MB.

CloudExtend today caches a lot of Metadata from NetSuite including Standard and Custom Record Types, Record fields and pick lists in browser cache, so that we don't make a call to NetSuite every time you fetch this frequently used data. Celigo is continuously working to optimize this approach and the amount and of data we cache in your browser and will try to reduce this size requirement in future

Note : Some versions of Internet Explorer browsers does not have this option, in such a case you can ignore this setting 

Cookie Settings

On your Internet Explorer ,Open Internet Options ,Privacy Tab , which should look like below 

Here, click on the "Sites" button, which should open a window as shown below

Here you should find as Always Allow . If it is not the case, in the "Address of Website" text box , add and click “Allow” Button and Click OK. You will see a pop up as below

Now click on Advanced Button , it will open a pop up as below

Here ensure that , your settings match the ones as show above.

  • Accept First-party cookies, 
  • Accept Third-party Cookies , 
  • Check Always allow session cookies

Click OK in all popups and Login.

If you still have an issue logging into CloudExtend , create a support ticket and Celigo Support rep will soon get back to you and help you with further troubleshooting the issue. 

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