Creating new Salesforce records

CloudExtend tables already interact with Salesforce. When your table loads CloudExtend begins to cache possible values for drop down fields in the ‘Picklist’ at the top right of the Add-In. You can simply start entering values in Columns to begin. A more common use case, however, is for end users to use Excel formulas (or even copy/paste) to populate the table.

The video above shows a quick overview of creating multiple new records in CloudExtend Excel for Salesforce.

Here are the steps involved in creating new records in Salesforce using CloudExtend Excel for Salesforce

Step 1: Load your template in the Excel sheet and enter in the information. In the example below I want to add a new lead.

Step 2:  Click on ‘Update’ and then ‘INSERT/UPDATE’ as shown below.

Step 3: The lead is now created in Salesforce (evidenced by the “Operation Successful for 2 records” message in the Add-in as well as the color green in the Id column.

Step 4: See new lead below in Salesforce by copying the lead ID and pasting it into the URL.

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