Managing Salesforce Campaigns with Excel

XLSF | Quickly add or remove leads and contacts to Salesforce Campaigns

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Even if you don't want to use Excel to add leads or contacts to your campaigns there's no easy way to view all of your members without having to navigate through multiple pages. With CloudExtend you can quickly (in seconds) retrieve all the members of select campaigns. Once in Excel, you can filter the data, remove records, etc.

But wait, there's more, why not use our App to add leads and contacts to your campaigns as well. If you're adding a few leads or contacts to campaigns in Salesforce it's a pretty easy process. But what about when you have hundreds or thousands to add, or when you need to remove leads or contacts?

The video above (3:25) walks you through creating a template as well as how to retrieve all of your relevant leads and contacts from Salesforce using our data filter.

Once you've downloaded all the records you simply copy and paste the lead and contact ID's into your campaign template, click update, and just like that, your leads and contacts are now in the campaign.

Removing leads and contacts from campaigns is just as easy. Simply load the campaign template, click download, and you'll see all your data in one Excel table. Simply select the row(s) you want to remove and press delete.

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