NetSuite Login Enhancements: 

  • To accommodate upcoming NetSuite login changes, this version brings significant changes to the way users login to NetSuite from the Celigo Gmail Extension. Every effort has been made to minimize the impact to end users.  End users will be required to follow the steps below only once after updating to the new version to re-establish their secure connection to NetSuite.  On updating to the new version, users will be required to re login with their Google and NetSuite accounts. After signing in users will be asked to choose the role with which they want to connect to NetSuite from the Gmail Extension. Typically users will select their normal day to day role here. This role can be changed at any time from the Settings page.  Upon selecting the role, the App will check for the availability of a NetSuite session with same role , if there is no such session, user will be asked to login into NetSuite with the same role that was selected in the App, from a different tab in same window.  Once the session is available, the App will continue with the rest of the update process and the user will be logged into the App.After this update, as long a there is a NetSuite session available in a different tab, end users will not be asked to login to NetSuite from the Gmail Extension (unless their credentials have changed).  If end users login to NetSuite with a different role, the App will logout as there is no matching session for the connected role. To reconnect, either change the role in the App Settings to match the currently logged in role or switch back to the previous role in NetSuite.If users change their NetSuite password, they will be required to update the connection from App Settings page.

  • Performance improvements to fix the attachment history size issue for heavy users

  • Ability to move and resize the record creation screen in Gmail Extension.

  • More informative loading screen while attaching emails

  • Ability to search record types ,while setting a filter to limit record types appearing in global search results.

  • A new Troubleshooting section with ability to download execution logs added to settings tab. In case of any error or a functionality issue, users can download these logs and attach them to the support ticket. These logs help support engineers understand the context of the error and will help in faster resolution of the issues.

  • Additional bug fixes and performance improvements

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