CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite Chrome Extension- Jun 2016

Version 3.1.2

What's New ?

Bug fixes

  1. Celigo icon is missing for some replied emails

  2. History page is not refreshing immediately after mail attachment

  3. Celigo icon is missing in threaded mails after five conversations

  4. Celigo icon is missing for 1st threaded mail when user refreshes Gmail window with mail opened

  5. Attachment opening issue

  6. Issue where, PDF attachment under the Communication > Files tab in NetSuite, doesn't immediately load the PDF on opening . User needs to refresh the page to see the PDF.

New Feature

Load Gmail extension in minimized state.

A new setting, Auto load enable /disable is now available in App settings, with auto load enabled by default .

When Enabled - The App will load automatically when Gmail page is refreshed.

When Disable - The App will load in minimized state and will open only when the user presses the Celigo logo button in the mail.

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