CloudExtend Google Workspace for NetSuite consists of two components, the Chrome Extension and the NetSuite bundle. 

The chrome extension should be updated automatically on April 3rd. The NetSuite bundle is being pushed on April 3rd but could take a few days to propagate to all of the accounts. 

Gmail Extension v3.5.1.0


  • Fixed issue with logging in into Sandbox accounts

  • Other minor bugs and performance enhancements. 


  • Based on user’s Auto create contact setting, while auto creating contacts, CloudExtend now uses First Name & Last Name if available in email to create a NetSuite contact. Earlier we were splitting Email as First Name & Last Name to create a contact. 

  • Added support for new record types: Non-Inventory Items, Service Items and Other Items

NetSuite Bundle v2.5.5.x


  • CloudExtend Google Workspace now supports multiple Google Workspace domains. If your organization uses multiple domains as aliases in your Google Workspace account, reach out to us to enable license for your other alias domains for free.

  • Added support for Japanese & Spanish languages for Calendar sync (this is an experimental feature. Customers are advised to to try this in their Sandbox accounts first and reach out Celigo for any support)

Note about bundle versions

The CloudExtend bundle is a managed bundle and is released in batches. NetSuite automatically adds the batch number as the last digit of the version number, ie in this release, depending on the batch customers will get a bundle version of v2.5.5.1 or v2.5.5.2, etc. You'll know the update has hit your account once the version shows as 2.5.5.x (where x is the batch number).

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