When events are synced between your NetSuite and Google Calendars, event fields in one application are mapped to event fields in another.
The following fields are mapped to each other:

When attendees in NetSuite are mapped to participants in Google, the email of the attendee is used to for the participant. Whereas, in the reverse scenario, the email of the participant in Google is used to search for a matching employee, customer or contact attendee. This ensures that not only employees but other relationships are also listed as attendees in NetSuite. If no record is found in NetSuite, the attendee is not added.

All day Events and Free/Busy State

“All Day” events in NetSuite aren’t true all-day events as in Google Calendar. By default they are set up to cover a full business day from 8am to 6pm.

Similarly, NetSuite events do not have an explicit free/busy state. In NetSuite all events that reserve time are effectively in busy state. And the only way to create an event without actually making yourself unavailable for other appointments, is to create a private event.

Following table shows how CloudExtend handles these discrepancies when syncing events:


  • When an event is marked as an All-Day event in Google, the event created in NetSuite is from 08:00:00 to 18:00:00 as NetSuite doesn’t allow events spanning over one day.

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