Our Release Notes email incorrectly stated that default behavior of handling creating contacts when the sender/recipient was missing would change. Please note this is not the case and is corrected here. The default behavior will only change for new customers added after September 7th, 2018.

The August release consists of changes to the CloudExtend for Gmail extension (what you use in your Chrome browser) as well as an update to the NetSuite bundle. We'll cover both below.

It's important to note that it may take until September 7th for Google and NetSuite to push these releases to you and that one may occur before the other.  In order to take advantage of all the enhancements both updates are required to have been completed (don't worry if one updates before the other, everything will still work).

  • To verify if your extension is updated enter chrome://extensions in your Chrome browser and locate the CloudExtend extension. The version number should be or higher.

  • To verify if your bundle has been updated your NetSuite Admin can check for bundle version or higher.

Important New Option For Handling Missing Sender/Recipient 

One of the biggest concerns reported by customers has been that CloudExtend would create contacts in NetSuite whenever an email was attached. We implemented a partial solution for this earlier in 2018 and have taken it to another level with this new release.

  1. Prior to this release, depending on the user level setting in Chrome Extension, the app would have either auto created the missing entities or prompted the user to select an existing entity.

  2. With this new release we added a new bundle level setting, which once enabled, no longer requires that you create Contacts manually (or have the App auto create them). The individual emails will still appear on the Communication tab in NetSuite (and on the message itself). The contact associated with the email, however, will not be created. Users that prefer the old method can still keep it if desired. If your organization tracks Last Sales Activity (LSA) this approach may not work for you.  Learn more here

  3. The “Auto create missing Sender/Recipient” user level setting is removed from the Extension and is added to the bundle as an Organization level setting giving better control to NetSuite Admins along with new options at the bundle level. Learn how this bundle setting works here.
    Note - until the bundle is updated to the latest version v2.6.0.x, the user’s prior setting will be considered while attaching the emails to NetSuite.

Other Notable Changes and Enhancements


The following two settings are removed from the user level preferences and moved to Account Level settings. Admins can change them for their org in NetSuite via Setup>Company>General Preferences>Custom Preferences. 

  • The Attach to Contact Company setting (allowed for emails attached to a contact to automatically roll up to parent company)

  • “Include Inline Images” setting


CloudExtend Extension now shows more record details in the search results view making it easier for you to determine if you are attaching to the appropriate record.


  • Fixed an issue in bundle where G Drive files with special characters in filenames failed to attach to NetSuite records. 

  • Fixed an issue in bundle where default new calendar event access level is overwritten to public. This is available as an org setting in the bundle at Setup>Company>General Preferences>Custom Preferences

  • Fixed an issue in extension where 4 Celigo send buttons are seen when “Send & Archive” button is enabled.

  • Fixed an issue in extension with new record creation when Sender/Recipient emails contains accented characters.

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