Update: March 1, 2021 - We are planning to add support for custom fields when creating new NetSuite records (not events) later this month.

CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite will attempt to create records and events using the default forms for the role the user is currently signed in with. Since CloudExtend Outlook does not yet support the mapping of custom fields this would prevent the users from saving a record if custom fields are set as required.

There are a few workarounds at present.

  • Clone the user's role and change the default form 'for that role' to one without required fields. The user would then sign in to NetSuite from the CloudExtend app using this role and will be able to save records without the custom fields. Note you can enforce that users login with this cloned role by ensuring it is the only role with the 'user access tokens' permission.
    ⚠️ The custom field should not be declared as mandatory when created. It should only be set to mandatory/not mandatory at the form level. 
  • Set a default value for the field using a small NetSuite script or workflow. To limit it only to records added by external apps (ie not the NetSuite UI) set the script to run only in the context of web services.
  • You can also build a saved search that would alert users when records are created with empty fields which will perpetually remind them to populate the fields.

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