Feature :

The “Enable Search by Prefix” changes the way the bundle global search is performed. The global search is normally performed using the raw search terms provided by the user in the app. However, when this feature is enabled a record type prefix is appended to the search term. As an example, when searching for a customer with the search phrase “3M” the global search will use  “3M” as the search term. When the feature is enabled this changes to “cus:3M”. 

IMPORTANT: This feature is disabled by default because it may adversely impact customers that have renamed records in NetSuite. For example, if the customer record was renamed to Account the prefix enabled search will fail since cus:3M would be sent as the search criteria and only acc:3M would be a valid term. 

Who should enable it?

The feature should be enabled by customers who meet the following criteria:

  1. No Record Type names have been altered
  2. Customers having a large number of records that match to a particular search term

How do I enable it?

  1. Go to Customization> Scripting> Script Deployment> Filter Type to RESTlet
  2. Navigate to the Script Deployment: customscript_celigo_global_search
  3. Navigate to the  “Script Parameters” tab as shown below:

If you find it necessary to disable search by prefix follow steps 1-4 above and uncheck the 'ENABLE SEARCH BY PREFIX' box.

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