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CloudExtend Excel Classic Edition (SmartClient) License Activation
CloudExtend Excel Classic Edition (SmartClient) License Activation

Older Classic Edition SmartClient license activation / re-activation instructions

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To activate the SmartClient:

Step 1: Open the SmartClient by going to Start > All Programs > Celigo > NetSuite SmartClient. Microsoft Excel opens with the SmartClient add-in enabled.

Step 2: In the SmartClient toolbar, click Celigo Help on the far left to open the dropdown menu, and choose About… If you use Excel 2007, the toolbar is found under the Celigo tab.

Step 3: Click the License Management button.

Step 4: In the popup window, enter the login credentials for the account licensed for use with SmartClient.

Step 5: Click Next. The SmartClient validates your credentials with NetSuite and retrieves the licensing information for your user name.

💡 Note: For security purposes, your login credentials are never sent to Celigo. The activation process connects your SmartClient application to your NetSuite account without sharing your credentials with Celigo.

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