CloudExtend Excel Analytics for NetSuite creates or updates Excel tables during the download process. If CloudExtend determines a table needs to be created again any formulas that relate back to that table (excluding pivot tables which will function normally) will be broken due to native Excel functionality. If CloudExtend determines that a table can simply be updated all the formulas related to the table will persist.

When does CloudExtend need to create a new table?

When your search query runs CloudExtend checks the column headers in your search vs the column headers in your Excel sheet. If they are different (for example you renamed columns in your NetSuite search or you added more columns) then CloudExtend must create a new table with the same name which will wipe out any formula references to the table.

At this point you will see a warning box if you are running the search manually or you will receive an email if the report is on a schedule. Before continuing you will want to ensure that you have a copy of your formulas so you can recreate them.

Best Practice

Keep copies of your formulas

We recommend keeping a copy of your formulas in a text box in a sheet (optionally hidden) in your Workbook

Or use Excel Power Query or reference your source data from other workbooks

If you use a separate workbook and/or use Excel Power Query to reference your source data your formulas in the Power Query workbook will continue to function.

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