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The CloudExtend Excel Analytics for NetSuite v1.2.5.0 (XLANS v1.2.5.0) is the latest version of XLANS and is the successor to its v1.2.0.0. This release comes with a few enhancements that will take away certain issues that the XLANS users had to experience.

What’s New in this Release

What Has Changed in this Release

Fixed Issues

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What’s New in this Release

Support for Inventory Balance and Inventory Number Bin saved searches: With this release, XLANS users can now use nine more saved searches that were not supported previously. These includes:

  • DeletedRecord

  • PaymentEvent

  • GatewayNotification

  • Role

  • SavedSearch

  • ShoppingCart

  • SystemNote

  • InventoryBalance

  • InventoryNumberBin

What Has Changed in this Release

No feature enhancements, deprecations, or removals in this release.

Fixed Issues

  • Resolving the issue with saved searches with Other Prices:

    Previously, scheduled saved searches that had the "other prices" field specified did not get executed. Instead, an error was thrown when running the search. This fix enables XLANS users to use saved searches where results would include the other Prices.

    ⚠️ Note: Column Names for the Other Price columns will be marked as price2, price3, and so on. This is due to a limitation from NetSuite and is reported to NetSuite.

  • Fix an issue with searches that return more than 5MB:

    Previously, we had an issue when saved searches returned data that exceeded 5 MB. The schedule will exit with an error due to the 5MB limit. With this release users would no longer be facing this issue and would be able to work with saved searches that are larger than 5MB.

    💡 Pro Tip - If you have searches that return large sets of data and it takes a long time to run you should consider scheduling your search to run in the background or modifying the criteria to limit the data retrieved. You could leverage Excel Power Query to combine search results as well.

Downloads and Documentation

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