You can use a Group Gmail account to manage emails using CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite NextGen. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: The group Gmail account needs to exist in NetSuite first as an employee with login access.

Next, scroll down to Roles and assign a Role.

Step 2: The NetSuite admin assigns a CEGA license to the Group Gmail employee record.

NetSuite Path: Setup>Custom> Celigo CloudExtend Setup

Step 3: The NetSuite admin removes the login access for the employee record. This is to avoid adding employee access, license count).

Step 4: In Chrome, create a new chrome profile using your Gmail Group account credentials. Sign in using the group account in Gmail.

Step 5: Run the Gmail beta application then log in using the Group Gmail account once prompted.

Step 6: Enter the NS Account ID, allow the role to inherit the permission from NetSuite. You are now good to sync to NetSuite using a Group Gmail account.

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