Change Alert: Previously emails were saved on the Gmail and Communications tab. Emails will now be saved on the Communications tab. Files will be associated with the email instead of the files tab.

Item 1: View - When you click view to see the content of the email

Item 2: Attachments - If your synced email contains an attachment, it will reflect on this section

Item 3: View History - click this button to pull all the emails on one page, you can type in a keyword by using the Find function (Ctrl + F) to locate the email you are looking for.

Item 4: Customize View - To see the proper email addresses of the sender/recipient implement the suggested change to your view.

Customize your default view and add:

  • Author Email

  • To

This will then allow you to work with email addresses rather than entity names. If desired remove the Author and Primary Recipient to free up space.

💡 Click here to find out more about the technical reasons behind why a sender/recipient NetSuite entity might seem different.


One way to get a holistic view of all activities and emails at the Customer, lead or prospect level is by using the Dashboard View and adding a Timeline to the dashboard.

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