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New Features! CloudExtend Excel Data Management

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Updated over a week ago

CloudExtend is introducing new features in the new release!

This release includes:

Other features:

  • Support for Custom Transactions

  • Real-time upload

  • Multi-select fields upload

  • Emptying a field value

  • Metadata Customizations

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If you have questions about this release, reach out to us!

New Features

New Sleek UI

The latest version comes with a sleeker, faster, and more intuitive user experience.

CloudExtend Federated Identity

In the current app, the user’s identity is tied to his/her NetSuite login and if the user had to switch roles or use a different NetSuite account, they had to sign out each time. In the new version, we have improved this. Users can now login once with their Microsoft or Google account and CloudExtend would create a user’s identity in the background. Once done, the user can add multiple NetSuite connections and use the add-in in that connection’s context.

The idea behind using CloudExtend Federated Identity is to use one identity for all CloudExtend products in the future so that if a user signs up for one product they should be able to use our other apps as well.

Login Screen

NetSuite Connections

Login with Google

With this release, you will now have the option to log in with Google. This is particularly useful to users who don't have a Microsoft login and still want to use the app. They can now Login with a Google account and continue using the app.

Sharing Templates within the Organization

CloudExtend Excel Data Management supports Organization templates using which you can share a template that you created with other users with the team. Learn more here.

Filters travel with the workbook

Previously when users shared their workbooks the filter saved with the template was not shared and the user had to create it manually. In the latest version, filters are saved locally with the workbook and they travel with the workbook when the workbook is shared. Users will be able to view filters related to that record type to which the template belongs and can select or edit any filter and apply the same for download

New and improved UI for saved searches

Saved searches are used to determine which data to download to a template. This functionality is now combined with user-created filters so that they are visible in one place and easy for users to select and download. In the future, we also plan to add support to add a filter on top of your NetSuite Saved Search. The current UX was designed so that the change is easily accommodated.

Improved design for Cell Operations: Picklist selection

We have redesigned the picklist panel from where users can select values for picklist fields. It is a draggable pane now so that users can clearly see the complete list and select the values they want. It can also be minimized completely when not in use. We've also made it easier to clear the contents of a cell on Upload.

Two selections when using Cell Operations:

  • Set value to Empty (1)

  • Select a value from the picklist (2)

Theme Support

Users have the option to change the theme of the app to dark mode or light mode in the latest version. We also have predefined colors for NetSuite connections – Orange theme for Sandbox connections, Green for Production, and Blue for Test drive connections so that user is always aware of the connection they are in the context of and to which NetSuite account the updates are being pushed.

Support for 2021.2 NetSuite WSDL

We have upgraded to the latest stable version of NetSuite WSDL i.e 2021.2 which would help users work with all new fields that have been exposed as part of 2021.2 release by NetSuite. Support for new records that were released as part of 2021.2 release will come soon as our team is working on testing their support. In the meantime, if there is any record type that you would like to work with which is not visible in the app, please send us a request. We would test that on priority and expose it.

No restriction on the number of NetSuite accounts

There won't be any restriction on the number of NetSuite accounts users will have access to in the add-in. As long as your admin adds your email address under licensed users in the portal you should be able to use the add-in.

Need Help?

  • If you have any questions, or feedback, or would like a walkthrough please reach out to your Customer Success Manager at

  • Visit and chat with one of our wonderful support reps. Click on the message icon on the lower right of your screen!

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