Why Are We Updating CloudExtend Excel Data Management?

Put simply, you asked, and we listened. We’ve collected tons of feedback from you, our users, and we’ve taken that feedback to build an improved version of our application with improvements to all areas of the application.

What’s in it for you?

Glad you asked…here's a short list (a full comparison can be found in this article).

  • Improved template builder: The template builder now allows users to build templates faster by selecting more than one field at a time

    • All fields, not just the first 100, are available in the UI

    • Re-arranging fields is easier than ever. Previously, to move a field from the bottom to the top meant that a user had to drag it up to the top of the screen, stop, and start again, repeating until complete. Now users can drag, and the screen will scroll with them to wherever they wish.

  • Improved template sharing:

    • Coming to the beta later will be a global corporate template repository specific to your organization.

    • Template designers will be able to create a template and share it with others in the organization.

  • Faster UI: Moving around the UI is markedly faster.

  • Multi-select fields upload (coming soon)

  • Emptying a field value (improvements to the UI to make it easier to set field values to null)

  • Feature parity with legacy SmartClient: Toward the end of the beta, we’ll be adding features that were previously available only in our legacy Windows only app, the SmartClient. Users will now be able to update item pricing and manage transactions with serialized and lot numbered inventory as well as bins

  • Access unlimited NetSuite accounts: You'll no longer be tied down to a single NetSuite account and will be able to access multiple production, sandbox, and test drive accounts, all from the same NetSuite login.

  • Burst Mode for everyone: All users will have access to Burst Mode

  • Improved picklist: The pick list is now moved to the bottom of the Excel task pane and can be expanded upward to see more values.

  • Theme Support: Support for dark mode

What's Missing?

There are a couple of things missing from the beta app, at least for now. They'll be here soon.

  • The current beta only allows for Burst Mode Upload, so you won't get immediate confirmation that your upsert is complete

  • Pre-built templates for popular record types to give new users a head start is coming soon.

  • Metadata Customizations made for the previous version will be supported in an upcoming September release

  • Support for custom transactions is coming soon

  • The corporate template repository will be available in the later stages of the beta.

  • While not necessarily "missing" we will be adding new features to provide feature parity with the CloudExtend legacy app also known as SmartClient. These features will be added near the end of the beta or shortly after the beta moves to production.

How do I give feedback

Feedback can be provided to support using the chat icon in the app or by sending an email to cloudextend-support@celigo.com.

How to Install the Beta

Click here for step-by-step instructions for installing the beta.

Next Steps

Visit our support site chock full of detailed information, screenshots, and videos to continue learning more about the next generation of our CloudExtend Excel applications.

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