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FAQ: Sticky Settings for One-Time and Autopilot Tab
FAQ: Sticky Settings for One-Time and Autopilot Tab

OLNS | Know how the sticky settings for both the Autopilot and One-Time tab work

Updated over a week ago

We have introduced a sticky behavior for both the Autopilot tab and the options under the Autopilot tab.

The sticky behavior works in the following way:

  • When the user loads the add-in for the first time after this fix is rolled out, the One-Time tab would be selected by default. Also, if the user clicks on Autopilot, that Updates to this thread option would be selected by default.

  • Once the user selects the Autopilot tab, it becomes sticky. If you switch emails or close the app the next time you use it the previous settings will be remembered. The same behavior applies to the dropdown options in the Autopilot tab, ie To/From/CC and Updates to this thread. If you select it once they remain sticky.

  • Similarly, if you select the One Time tab once, that will remain sticky and on each email, the same tab would open.

๐Ÿ’ก Note:

Sticky settings are stored in the browser's local storage. If at any point the local storage is cleared, the default behavior would apply which is One-Time.

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