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FAQ: How to turn off Email Autopilot

OLNS | Know the steps on how to turn off Email Autopilot

Updated over a week ago

Turning Autopilot off for a thread

If an email thread begins to go off-topic and/or you don't want the thread to auto-sync anymore simply open the add-in, In the Autopilot section, select Cancel Autopilot.

Once Autopilot is turned off it cannot be turned back on again from the same email. To turn Autopilot back on you can reply to the email and then open it from your sent items folder. select the NetSuite records, and re-enable Autopilot.

Turning off Autopilot for email address sync

If you enabled Email Address Based Autopilot, you can do the following to turn off the email address sync.

Step 1: Click the ... dots on the CloudExtend panel then select Settings.

Step 2: Go to Auto Associations and enter the email address you want to remove.

Step 3: Hover on the trash icon of the record/s where you want to turn off the Autopilot and click Yes.

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