Product Overview: Gmail for NetSuite Autopilot 2.0 (Enterprise Users)

Gmail | Introduction to Autopilot 2.0

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At CloudExtend, we prioritize enhancing our services by actively seeking feedback from our customers and implementing their suggestions. Our product board has identified the top demand for automation, especially in email productivity applications. To meet this need and help users accomplish more tasks in less time, we have developed a comprehensive product roadmap focused on automation.

Introducing Autopilot 2.0! In addition to all the capabilities of thread-based Autopilot, the feature can now be email address-based. Instead of tracking an email thread, you can now put the sender or recipient email address on Autopilot.

See Autopilot 2.0 in action in the video below from our product announcement webinar. To skip directly to the Autopilot 2.0 demo, go to the 10:45 time mark.

Here is how it works:

  • When you receive an email, you will now be able to monitor all future communications to or from a specific email address and have that email attached to just the right record type in NetSuite with zero clicks.

  • For example, sends an email. You can have every single email that arrives into the inbox from go to a record in NetSuite. Set it once and forget it. That’s it!

  • Visual cues enable users to see right away if the email is on Autopilot, thus saving valuable time, eliminating redundant clicks, and ensuring that everyone in the organization has access to this communication in NetSuite.

Increased Adoption of NetSuite and CloudExtend

With Autopilot 2.0, the full transparency of seeing relevant emails in NetSuite increases its reliability as the single source of truth for information. It also helps eliminate communication silos and will encourage team members to adopt the NetSuite CRM.

Lights Years Above the Competition

CloudExtend gives users the ability to decide what records they want their emails saved to. This is important because users might want to save emails to sales orders, opportunities, or contacts, just to name a few. This incredible flexibility will remain in the hands of the end user where it belongs. Typically, if there are any errors such as contacts not found or duplicates, users would have to rely on a NetSuite admin to fix the issue.

Competing solutions require that users blind copy (bcc) a custom email address that attaches to contacts only with little assurance that it will attach to the proper record in NetSuite. Another differentiator for CloudExtend is that it operates even when the user is not in Outlook and does not require that a user open an email again every time they wish to sync it (even if it was previously on auto-sync).

The Bottom Line

CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite keeps getting better. We listen to our customers as it is our aim to consistently provide innovative features that bring substantial benefits to our users.

Autopilot 2.0 is the next step in our automation evolution to help customers get a 360-degree view of important prospects and customer communications in NetSuite. Every team and department within the organization will benefit from Autopilot 2.0

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