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Why We Built It: CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuiteGmail | Get to know why we built this new application
Overview: CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuiteGmail | Overview video showing the functionality of the CloudExtend Gmail
CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite RoadmapGmail | Learn about what we're considering building, what we're building now, and what was recently released
Learn How To Get Support For CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuiteGmail | Can't find what your are looking for? Learn how to get more support here

Sync Emails for CloudExtend Gmail

Learn how to save emails from Gmail to NetSuite

Email Sync: Set Filter for search results to reduce record clutter in CloudExtend GmailGmail | Reduce search clutter by filtering your search results
Email Sync: Learn how to Save an Email to NetSuite using CloudExtend GmailGmail | Sync email once or turn on the AutoPilot
Email Sync: CloudExtend Autopilot for CloudExtend GmailGmail | Learn more about CloudExtend Autopilot
Email Sync: How to save emails when in reply or compose mode using CloudExtend GmailGmail | See ways to sync email to NetSuite in compose mode or sending a reply
Email Sync: Search for NetSuite records you want to link your emails using CloudExtend GmailGmail | This article shows you how to use the Auto-Search and Manual search features in associating emails to NetSuite
Email Sync: How to Select Record and Save Emails with Attachments using CloudExtend GmailGmail | Learn how to select records and sync emails with file attachments
Email Sync: How does Shared Association work for CloudExtend Gmail?Gmail | Learn how Shared Association works
Email Sync: Where are emails saved via CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite stored in NetSuite?Gmail | Where are emails and attachments saved in NetSuite?
Email Sync: File Attachment and Inline Images Global Preference for CloudExtend GmailGmail | Set file attachment preference to include files when saving an email to NetSuite
Email Sync: Shared or Group Gmail Mailbox ConfigurationGmail | This article will show how to configure CloudExtend app for Shared or Group Gmail Mailbox users