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Outlook NextGen | Why do we need to default an organizer internal ID

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When activating the Calendar Autopilot feature for CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite, you have the option to designate a default organizer. This is for events where the organizer is external to your organization. When the organizer is external, he/she would not have a record in your NetSuite account. For such cases, you can designate an employee in your organization who would be the default organizer. The event organizer is automatically set as an accepted attendee for this event.

In cases where the system cannot locate the corresponding record during an event sync, it will automatically default to the employee record associated with this internal ID. If the value is not set, it will default to the NetSuite admin's employee record who has given consent.


  • A subscription to the Enterprise edition is required

    • Additionally, your organization must subscribe to Calendar Autopilot separately

    • Advanced Calendar Autopilot feature is currently FREE through October 1st, 2024. Learn about the fees associated here!

  • Admins should install the CloudExtend SuiteApp and add users to the subscription portal.

  • Check out the guide here! πŸ“…

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