FAQ: Time Saved Calculation (Gmail Analytics)

Gmail NextGen | How much time did you save using CloudExtend

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CloudExtend simplifies the tedious process of manually attaching emails to NetSuite. Once the app is installed, syncing emails to NetSuite becomes a matter of seconds, and you have the flexibility to choose between One-Time and Autopilot email synchronization options.

πŸ‘‰ Discover more about the various saving methods available here.

With the analytics, we show how much time you were able to save. But how do we calculate this time saved?

The sync runs every hour, and it includes all AP and manual associations. Any type of email association happening inside your inbox will increment 3 minutes flat system log.

The synchronization process occurs every hour, involving both AP and manual associations. Any email association made within your Gmail will be logged in the system, adding a flat 3-minute increment.

It will also show the average number of emails getting stored to NetSuite using CloudExtend.

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