Creating Serialized Assembly Items with Components

XLNS NextGen | Learn how to to create new serialized assembly item with components

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Serialized assembly items allow you to assemble products using raw materials and independently monitor the inventory of both the finished goods and the raw materials.

CloudExtend supports creating and updating serialized assembly items. Watch the video below to know how.

Template Layout

πŸ’‘ Tip: It is best to check out the forms and fields and identify the header, column, and required fields in NetSuite that you may need to build the template.

If you are using NetSuite Classic Interface you can go to:

Lists> Accounting > Items > Items > New > Assembly > Serialized

When building the template, select the record type Serialized Assembly Item in the template builder and add the fields accordingly.

  • Item ID

  • Tax Schedule

For Components:

  • Member List: Item

  • Member List: Quantity

  • Member List: Tax Schedule

Create an Assembly Item with Components

Step 1: Fill the values to the fields in the CloudExtend table. Repeat the header level details depending on how many component items you want for an Assembly item.

For the example below, since I have 4 component items, I have to repeat the item ID and Tax schedule values 4 times.

Step 2: Put in the line detail values. You can copy from one sheet to another. For the item field and tax schedule field, you can type the name of the item in the cell or use the cell operations to pick from the list.

Step 3: Send to NetSuite by clicking Upload to NetSuite and then Upload Records.


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