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Overview: Bi-directional Calendar Sync between Outlook and NetSuite
Overview: Bi-directional Calendar Sync between Outlook and NetSuite

Outlook NextGen | What is CloudExtend's Bi-directional Calendar Sync

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In addition to syncing calendar events from Outlook to NetSuite, you can now sync events from NetSuite to Outlook as well and have the full Bi-directional sync between Outlook and NetSuite. Now any event you create in Outlook will be visible in your NetSuite account within no time and zero clicks, similarly, any event you create in NetSuite will be visible in Outlook within no time. Your admin will have control over what type of sync is needed for your organization and also which users will have access to this.


Please note that all Calendar Autopilot functionality, including the new bi-directional sync, is made available to all eligible customers at no charge through September 30, 2024. After September 30, your organization will need to license the integration separately. Learn more about pricing here.

How to Enable Bi-directional Calendar Sync

To take advantage of this new feature your admin would have to enable this in the Admin portal by navigating to Manage Licenses --> Accounts --> Calendar Autopilot. In that section, they would have an option to Enable Calendar Autopilot and also the choice of syncing events bi-directionally, from Outlook to NetSuite or only from NetSuite to Outlook.

Note for Admins who have Calendar Autopilot already configured

  • Once you enable the type of sync in Calendar Autopilot, click on "Configure Autopilot"

  • REPEAT Step 1 of giving the Microsoft Grant. Even if the config was done before, this is necessary for the app to be able to write events to the user's calendar.

If you are unsure, if the Calendar Autopilot is enabled, follow the steps here.

Advantages of Bi-directional Calendar Sync

Once the bi-directional sync is enabled, your NetSuite and Outlook calendars will now be in sync.

  • Sync newly created events: Any new event you create in Outlook or NetSuite will sync to the other system within seconds with all details intact.

  • Sync updates or deletes: Any updates you make to an event in either Outlook or NetSuite will sync to the other system. If you have deleted an event from NetSuite, it would be deleted from Outlook and vice versa.

  • Sync recurring events: We also support the sync of recurring events from Outlook to NetSuite and NetSuite to Outlook. Create, update, and delete of recurring events will sync without any issues.
    NOTE: We currently do not support syncing of update/delete of a single instance of a recurring event in either system, but it will come in a future release.

  • Sync events with correct access level: All your events will be synced with the correct access level so that your private or public events stay the same when they are synced over to other system i.e. Outlook or NetSuite. The following mapping is followed in the bi-directional sync between Outlook and NetSuite.

    NetSuite to Outlook

    • Public > Public

    • Private > Private

    • Show as Busy > Private

    Outlook to NetSuite

    • Public > Public

    • Private > Show as Busy

With the help of Bi-directional Calendar Sync, everyone in your organization will have more visibility into the meetings you are having with prospects/customers, it enables you to keep track of your meetings and appointments in one place and have them synchronize between both applications.

Known Issues

πŸ”΅ Response Sync Back Issue for Invited Events from NetSuite

If you have been invited to an event in the NetSuite calendar and that event got synced to your Outlook calendar and you responded with Yes/No in Outlook/NetSuite, then that response is not syncing back to the NetSuite/Outlook event. This is only for events created inside NetSuite. A fix for this is coming soon.

πŸ”΅ Limited Support for Updating/Deleting Single Instances of Recurring Events

We currently do not support syncing of update/delete of a single instance of a recurring event in either system. A fix for this will be provided in an upcoming release.

πŸ”΅ Time Zone Discrepancy between Admin and Users

When the time zone you are working in, and your NetSuite admin's time zone are different there are some edge cases that might fail. We will be closely monitoring such issues and work on resolutions in future releases.

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