Attaching emails to NetSuite from compose made is fast and easy. View this short video or follow the step by step instructions below.

Step 1: Enter all the relevant information into your message. Click on the CloudExtend NetSuite button if you do not have CloudExtend pinned (which we recommend by clicking on the pin). This will ensure the app stays on the screen at all times.

Step 2: Choose if you want CloudExtend to 'Suggest Related Records' for you or if you want to 'Search for Records' manually. (Learn more about searching options here.) In this example, I chose the 'Suggest Related Records' option.

(1) Choose the record or records you want to attach the email to

(2) Click 'Attach' and

(3) Remember to send your email.


CloudExtend currently doesn't support file attachments in compose mode. If you want to attach email along with files, open the email from sent folder and then use CloudExtend to attach.

IMPORTANT: Always remember to send your email after you attach it to NetSuite records. We recommend that you do not change the message content after attaching the email.

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