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Troubleshooting: Outlook emails fail to attach to NetSuite
Troubleshooting: Outlook emails fail to attach to NetSuite

OLNS | Learn how to troubleshoot when emails fail to attach to NetSuite

Updated over a week ago

Typically, users are unable to attach an email to NetSuite because the role they are signing in with does not have the appropriate permissions for the specific record type, the roles do not have web services permissions, or the email is still being processed by NetSuite.

  • For permission-related issues contact your NetSuite Administrator and ask them to add permission for the record you are trying to attach to.

  • To ensure your role has access to web services please share this article with your NetSuite Admin.

  • Check that all of your prerequisites have been met.

If all your prerequisites have been met and there are no error messages, then there may be a delay in NetSuite processing your email. Emails typically show in NetSuite in less than a minute but if your NetSuite account is busy, it could take longer. Learn how to check the status of your sync in NetSuite here.

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