Step 1: Login into to start managing your licenses.  

Step 2:  The first step is to link your NetSuite Account.  Click on "Accounts" to do this.

Step 3: Enter in your NetSuite Account #, choose if your Account type is Sandbox or Production, check off the "OneWorld" box if you Account is a OneWorld Account and then click the "+".

Step 4:  Click on "Manage Licenses" to get back to the home screen and then allocate out the licenses.

Step 5: Enter in the email addresses of the users you want to allocate licenses to.  If you want to delete a user, simply use the trash can next to their email.  Once the user is allocated a license, they will receive an email from the CloudExtend with instructions on install.  **If you are on O365 and want to install the app for your end users follow these instructions here**

Step 5:  You can add additional Admins to the portal by clicking on "Admin Users". We recommend having at least two.

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