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Admin: Manage CloudExtend Outlook Group Edition or Enterprise Edition licenses and Administrator users
Admin: Manage CloudExtend Outlook Group Edition or Enterprise Edition licenses and Administrator users

OLNS | Learn how to allocate licenses for your end-users

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Subscription Admins can login into with their Microsoft account to start managing end-user licenses and assign other administrators.

💡Note: There is an Account setting in the setup that is only required for CloudExtend Outlook Enterprise subscriptions to enable Autopilot. If you're a Group Edition subscriber the Account field is not required.

To begin managing your CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite licenses please follow the steps below:


Step 1: Visit and log in to the Admin Portal with your Microsoft ID (this was previously provided to your Customer Success Manager and is typically your Microsoft 365 email address).

Step 2: Click on Manage Licenses. All your subscriptions will be displayed here.

Adding Admin Users

If you are the Super Admin for the account (the primary Admin) we highly recommend you add an additional Admin user to the portal by clicking on Admin Users

Allocating Licenses to End-users

Click on Manage Licenses.

Enter the email addresses of the users you want to allocate licenses for.  If you want to remove a user license click the trash can next to their email.  Once the user is allocated a license, they will receive an email from the CloudExtend within a few hours with installation instructions.  **If your organization has a Microsoft 365 subscription your 365 Admin can install the App for one or more users by following the instructions here.

Enabling Autopilot (Enterprise only)

CloudExtend Autopilot is an Enterprise Edition feature that adds more automation to saving emails. The increase in productivity can be massive.

Thread-based Autopilot: Enables users to attach an email to one or more NetSuite records and then auto-sync every single back/forth reply attached to those same records, even when they are away from their computer.

Email address Autopilot: When you receive an email, you can monitor all future communications to or from a specific email address and have that email attached to just the right record type in NetSuite with zero clicks.

The additional steps to enable Autopilot can be found in this article.

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