CloudExtend Calendar For NetSuite โ€“ September 2013 (Version 2.0.6)
Updated over a week ago
  • NetSuite to Google Spreadsheet sync replaced by Web sync. This includes:Removal of the need of Spreadsheet for syncing emails to NetSuiteNew CloudExtend Extension installation process with Google's Web App Authorization

  • CloudExtend for Gmail for Preview Pane App. Following functionalities of CloudExtend will work when Preview Pane App is installed:Compose & AttachForward & AttachReply & AttachAttach from InboxAll of the above will also support file attachments

  • Support for Conversation View On/Off in Gmail Settings. This includes:All CloudExtend functionalities support when Conversation View is OnIn case of Conversation View being Off, reply/forward and attach are not supported

  • Improved performance for Gmail/GDocs sub-tabs on standard record load: This includes:Re-design of the custom CloudExtend sub-tabs to load quicker, hence allowing a Standard Record in NetSuite with CloudExtend sub-tabs to load faster than before

  • Celigo Send functionality for New Gmail Compose window: This includes:The new Gmail Compose window released in March and now made mandatory since August is supported for Compose & Attach

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