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Admin: Install CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite Performance Bundle
Admin: Install CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite Performance Bundle

OLNS | Learn how to install the CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite bundle to take advantage of additional features

Updated over a week ago

The CloudExtend for NetSuite Performance bundle (ID: 244864) is available publicly for all NetSuite users and can be installed in your accounts.

Ask your NetSuite admin to install the bundle into your organization's account.

Benefits of the bundle

  • It's FREE and has achieved Built for NetSuite (BFN) status

  • Improves search speed by up to 3x

  • Allows for more than 4 records to be configured in a user's auto search (more details here)

  • Additional admin-level functionality will be deployed in future bundle updates

Installing the bundle

  • The installation link is here.
    Please note a NetSuite Admin may be required to install this bundle

  • Once the bundle is installed any users currently logged in should logout and back in.

If users are not connected to the bundle they will see a warning at the top of the App. They can click the 3 dots and scroll to the bottom to check the bundle status.

Troubleshooting Bundle Error

If you have confirmed the bundle has been installed and are still seeing the error message try the steps below.

  • Close the Add-in (x a top right), navigate to another email, and then re-open the add-in and check for the bundle connection.

  • If the above does not work then clear the cache (steps 1 and below), close Outlook, restart Outlook, and log back in be sure to log in to the account where you have the bundle installed.

  • Make sure their role is not a WEB SERVICES ONLY ROLE (verify this by viewing the role and checking that Web Services Only Role is not Enabled).

    Still having trouble?

    Please contact us by clicking the chat icon at the bottom right of this window.

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