Wondering why you sometimes see duplicate emails attached to parent records in NetSuite? It's likely because you are attaching the email to multiple NetSuite records such as a Contact and a Customer record. NetSuite's default behavior is to also show the messages saved to Contacts at the parent Customer level so if you attach to both records not only will the original email attached by you show on the Customer record but the email that was on the Contact record will also automatically show on the Customer record. The end result is an unwanted duplicate message.

Best Practice - Let CloudExtend and NetSuite do the work for you

Anytime you save an email to a Contact and that Contact has a Parent Company associated with it, NetSuite will automatically roll the email up to the Parent Company level without you having to save to it. Because of this you only need to save that email to the Contact record. If you absolutely don't need it on the Contact record simply save it to the Customer record only.

👉 Learn which child records will automatically roll up emails to parent records.

Examples Below

Example (Wrong Way)
I save an email to Jess Nanas Contact Record + I save the same email to the Customer Record - Socially Savvy Studio.  Because the Contact is associated with the Customer record, it will duplicate the email on the Customer Record because technically 2 emails are being saved.

✔️ Example (Right Way)
If you do not want duplicates but want to see the email on both the Contact and Customer records, save the email ONLY to the Contact Record.  It will automatically roll up for you (as described above).

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