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Admin: CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite Setup Guide (Enterprise)
Admin: CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite Setup Guide (Enterprise)

XLNS | Guide to help streamline your setup

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Welcome to CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite. We're glad to have you on board. We've created this short guide to help streamline your setup.

Who is required for the initial setup?

Doing the steps below we need three individuals from your organization. For some companies, this may be the same person. The users do not need to be present at the same time but they will each be required to perform an action.

  1. The admin assigned to login to

  2. A user with NetSuite admin rights

  3. (Optional) A user with GLOBAL ADMIN rights to your Microsoft 365 environment

Review Excel Add-In Requirement

It's fine to go ahead and install CloudExtend now but before actually using it be sure that you meet the prerequisites.

  • Excel 2019 or higher (preferably a Microsoft 365 subscription)

  • Excel Online

πŸ“ Note: If you don't have permission to install Add-Ins from the Microsoft AppSource share this article with your Microsoft 365 Administrator.

Install CloudExtend Bundle

  • CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite bundle (ID: 246132) is now available publicly for all NetSuite users and can be installed in your accounts from here (requires NetSuite Admin).

NetSuite Prerequisites

It is important to know the roles of users in NetSuite that need to be updated for CloudExtend to work.

Company-Wide Setting

NetSuite Administrators need to enable:

  • SOAP Web Services

  • Token-Based Authentication

Step 1: In NetSuite, set the configuration globally by navigating to Setup> Company> Enable Features.

Step 2: Go to the SuiteCloud tab then enable checkboxes for SOAP Web Services under the SuiteTalk Section and Token-Based Authentication under Management Authentication.

End-User Settings

NetSuite Administrator's checklist for end-user configuration:

Step 1: Ensure that the role is not set to a Web Services Only role

In NetSuite, go to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles. Validate if the Web Service Only Role is OFF.

Step 2: User roles have the necessary permissions for each record type the user will be working with

The following permissions are enabled on any roles that will be logging in and using CloudExtend.

In NetSuite, go to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles then choose the role to update:

  1. SOAP Web Services

  2. User Access Tokens

  3. SAML Single Sign-On

    • ONLY if your company uses Single Sign-On, ie OKTA, OneLogin, etc.

    • If you enable SSO and do not actually use SSO, users will NOT be able to login to NetSuite until you remove it.

  4. Allow JS/HTML uploads

    • if your user will need to upload .js and .htm files

    Permissions > Setup Tab

Step 3: Add custom field permissions to each role, if you have custom fields to be mapped.

Manage Licenses in the CloudExtend Portal

To begin managing your CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite licenses please follow the steps below:

Full article link here.

CloudExtend Installation Steps

Microsoft offers a convenient way to install add-ins for multiple users at once. This is also ideal for companies that globally block access to the Office store but need to make exceptions for certain users and/or apps.

Users will then receive an email within 30-60 minutes with instructions on installing the add-in and more.

Whitelist the domain

In order to ensure all users receive this email along with any other important communication from us, it is important to whitelist the domain otherwise there is a chance it can go to their spam folder. Learn how here.

Set your users up for success by reviewing and sharing articles

After you've installed CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite you'll want to make sure your users have the tools for success.

Your Customer Success Manager

Your Customer Success Manager and Training Manager can provide free end-user training for your team. The training can be recorded and shared amongst your team.

Share Support Site With End Users And Save Time Answering Questions Later

Your org may subscribe to one or more of our CloudExtend Apps. Be sure to share our Getting Started Guide and FAQs built just for them.

Next Steps

Meet with the CloudExtend team to get set up for success.

  • Schedule a 60-minute training session with your Solution Consultant and your users by using the meeting link here.

  • How to create Usage metrics.

Need Help?

Please try searching for your issue at Odds are we've seen the issue before and have already written an article. If you've exhausted your search options we can still help.

πŸ”΅ In the app, go to your template screen and click the message icon!

πŸ”΅ We have an in-app messaging feature for any user to reach out to get Support. Try chatting with us (bottom right of our support site)!

πŸ”΅ Send an email to

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