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End-User: Getting Started Guide for Excel Data Management NextGen
End-User: Getting Started Guide for Excel Data Management NextGen

XLNS NextGen | End-User Getting Started Guide

Updated this week

We recommend watching this brief overview video and then following the steps below to get started.

⚠️ Note:

Your existing templates will only be available after your migration to the new app is complete.

All in 1 video:

Step 1: Login

Step 2: What are templates?

CloudExtend Workspace

Once a template is loaded into Excel it can be used to retrieve and/or update data from NetSuite. It can even create new NetSuite records and delete records using Excel.

Step 3: How to Retrieve existing records from NetSuite

  • Updating data from an existing record

  • Updating selected records

  • Adding new lines to an existing record

  • Creating One Record

    • Creating a New record based on an existing record from NetSuite

    • Creating One Record with multiple lines

      • Copy/paste data prepared from other systems

      • Manually key in data using picklist to get the values from NetSuite

  • Creating Multiple Records

    • Using Trandate field

    • Using Trandate and Memo

  • How to delete records from NetSuite

  • Delete selected records

  • Removing lines to an existing record

CloudExtend read the number of lines when uploading data to NetSuite.

Real-time Upload is the default setting if you are sending records to NetSuite with at least 200 total lines.

💡 Note:

This threshold applies to the NextGen and will change when we go to production

When sending more than 200 lines of records, it will automatically send data to NetSuite using Background Upload.

👉 Check out the feature comparison chart to learn more about this release.

Need Help?

Hit the Help button on the bottom right of the screen and get in touch with our awesome support to help you!

If you have any questions or would like a walkthrough please reach out to your Customer Success Manager at

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