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FAQ: Regranting consent for CloudExtend Outlook Autopilot
FAQ: Regranting consent for CloudExtend Outlook Autopilot

OLNS | Learn what happens when you regrant consent for CloudExtend Autopilot

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The re-consent option for Autopilot allows a Microsoft 365 admin to enable Microsoft Graph consent to a new domain of their choice. This would typically be necessary if the admin had granted consent accidentally while logged in to a different domain.

To regrant consent login to and click on Accounts > Configure Autopilot. For a refresher with detailed instructions on configuring Autopilot see this article.

By selecting to re-consent you will be prompted to log in to your Microsoft 365 account to re-grant access to CloudExtend. You should be an admin for your Microsoft 365 account. If you're not the Microsoft 365 admin you can either have your admin join you via a screen share and then click the Sign In link or you can copy the URL in the browser window of the authorization screen and email that to your admin. They must authorize within 5 minutes.

Revoking consent from the previously granted domain

To revoke the consent that was granted unintentionally or is no longer needed,

Step 1: Remove the application with the name Celigo CloudExtend for Outlook AutoPilot by following the steps enlisted in this Microsoft article here.

Step 2: Reach out to CloudExtend Support, to notify us so that we can remove all data belonging to that domain related to Autopilot from our system.

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