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Troubleshooting: Autopilot watch renewal failed
Troubleshooting: Autopilot watch renewal failed

OLNS | Learn more about Autopilot watch renewal failure messages

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๐Ÿ’ก Note:

Though not mandatory, we recommend that the users' User Principal Name (UPN) matches their NetSuite Login Email.

Even if this has been resolved, we will be keeping this article. See details below to learn about this error.

When an admin configures Autopilot for an organization CloudExtend begins 'watching' for emails that are set for Autopilot by licensed users. In the event the watch is unsuccessful CloudExtend will send the end-user an in-app message (1 time only) advising them that there was an issue enabling the Autopilot watch.

Possible reasons for Autopilot watch failure

  • The user's Outlook email must be a Microsoft 365 account. For example, if you're using a Gmail account to login to NetSuite which is, of course, different than your Outlook email, the watch will fail.

  • Your admin did not grant access to the email domain you are using during the configuration stage when enabling Autopilot. The admin can regrant consent and should be sure that when grating consent they are logged in with the same domain as the user (or a properly configured alias associated with the domain)
    For example, if the user's email is the admin should also be logging in with the same domain, ie

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