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The CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite v3.3 is the latest version of CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite and is the successor to CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite v3.2.

This release comes with major features that enable users to create Leads, Prospects, and Opportunities using the CloudExtend add-in and support for custom fields as well as custom forms for validation. See below for all the exciting new features and fixes.

What’s New in this Release

The CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite v3.3 contains the following new features:

Ability to use custom fields for record creation

Previously, users were not allowed to add custom fields from the add-in resulting in the inability to update NetSuite records with required custom fields. With this release, CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite introduces the ability to add custom fields during record creation and editing from the add-in. CloudExtend now supports 15 custom field types that can be added when viewing or updating records.

  • Checkbox

  • Currency

  • Date

  • Datetime

  • DecimalNumber

  • eMailAddress

  • FreeFormText

  • Hyperlink,

  • IntegerNumber

  • ListRecord

  • LongText

  • Percent

  • PhoneNumber

  • RichText

  • TextArea

Learn how to add custom fields in this support article (a short gif overview is below).

Ability to reference custom forms for field validation

Custom forms are used in NetSuite to display specific fields to end-users, some of which are marked as required. The NetSuite API does not allow CloudExtend to simply display the relevant fields based on a user’s custom form. Users will still need to manually add their fields. Users can, however, add the field ‘custom form’ which will enable NetSuite to enforce any validation rules for that form during a record upsert.

Learn more here.

Create Leads, Prospects, and Opportunities

CloudExtend now supports creating and editing Leads, Prospects, and Opportunities. Previously users were able to create Customers, Contacts, and Tasks.

What Has Changed in this Release

The CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite v3.3 contains the following feature enhancements:


In addition to adding highly requested new features, we have been working on numerous enhancements to the existing features and the user experience.

Show most popular Record Types Searched

Searching for records has been made even easier by introducing the most popular record types as shown below. This will help the user to easily pick the record type which he/she is being used regularly.

Recently Updated Records Widget

We have introduced a new widget to the context menu introducing the recently Updated Records. This widget will show the latest records that have been created or updated where users can now more easily find their last edited records without having to search for them for the mail to be attached.

Redirects to Contextual View for greater user experience

The CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite previously navigated to the record view screen, after successful record creation. With the new change, all the successful record creations except for tasks (because NetSuite does not support email attachments for task records) will navigate the user back to the contextual view enabling him/her to attach the mail to the record created. This enhancement avoids additional steps that would be required for a user to attach a mail to a new record.

Customized Global Search Prefix and Suffix

Admins can customize the prefix or suffix used when users search for records. At present, a subject line with 65321457 will not return any results for a matching record in NetSuite with a prefix such as INV (ie INV)65321457. With this update, admins can enable a search prefix such as “%” that would surface the records. This requires a bundle update to be pushed to your account and this can take up to 5 days. If you don't see it yet please be patient as it takes some time for the update to be pushed to the entire base.

Learn more here.

Support for records that have been renamed

Previously companies that had renamed records in NetSuite (for example Account instead of Customer or Physician instead of Partner) were unable to surface records using global search. With this update admins will be able to map standard NetSuite record names to your organization's preferred name.

Learn more here.


No feature deprecations in this release.


No feature removals in this release.

Fixed Issues

  • Updates to resolve issues for several users reporting the app freezing while composing new messages

  • Updates to Task Creation to make the following standard task fields available

  • Fixed an issue that previously prevented users from canceling an email on Autopilot

Known Issues

  • Custom field definitions are stored in the local browser cache. If a user clears their cache they will need to add their custom fields back again. A future update to the app will persist these fields.

Downloads and Documentation

To view what’s in store, check out our product roadmap.

You can also submit feature requests there.

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