About this Release

The CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite v3.4 is the latest version of CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite and is the successor to CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite v3.3.

This release comes with a major improvement to our add-in with backend APIs being optimized for better performance and less memory utilization. The add-in also comes with an opt-in feature for users that use task pane pinning and have multiple Outlook emails open at a time.

What’s New in this Release

The CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite v3.4 contains the following new features:

Sleeping Task Pane

All Microsoft add-ins consume system memory. As a result of this, we have observed a slowness that increases as users open a large number of task panes. This sometimes tends to freeze task panes, especially when users have opened more than 10 task panes. In order to optimize performance CloudExtend can put a task pane "to sleep".

The sleeping task pane feature will get activated only if a user has spun up more than two task panes. After 60 seconds, all the open task panes except for the two most recent task panes will be put to sleep.

Customers who are using more than 10-20 or even more task panes (open mail windows) should enable this setting so that the add-in does not consume unnecessary system resources. It will put inactive task panes to sleep until the user clicks on it to activate. 

How to enable Sleeping Task Pane?

To enable /disable this feature please go to Settings -> Enable Sleep Mode. A checkmark will show it is enabled and the lack of a checkmark will indicate it is disabled.

What Has Changed in this Release

The CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite v3.4 contains the following feature enhancements:


  • API Optimizations for better, faster user experience:

    Have you ever had issues with CloudExtend Outlook eating up your CPU units and messing with your work-day? Well, this fix is just for you!

    We have made improvements to the app in to reduce the network traffic caused between the application and Microsoft Exchange servers and ultimately minimize the stress on your system resources. The app uses a mechanism that ensures faster loading of the Welcome page and optimal memory utilization, thus catering to an enhanced user experience. You should see increased responsiveness and faster loading of the application.


No feature deprecations in this release.


No feature removals in this release.

Fixed Issues

Fix to allow Messages or Calendar Events that do not contain any text in the description to roll up to NetSuite.

Known Issues

No known issues in this release.

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