About this Release

The CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite v3.5.0.3 is the latest version of CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite and it includes the below-mentioned feature additions and improvements.

This release comes with changes to support three-step-authentication (3SA) for the mobile support for the CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite. The release also includes an update to the add-in, removes the attachments slider button from the outlook add-in, and many more improvements.

What’s New in this Release

The CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite v3.5.0.3 contains the following new features:

Support for Three-Step-Authentication (3SA) for Mobile

CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite now supports 3SA for mobile. It is recommended that all the users use 3SA as NetSuite is deprecating the support for basic credentials with the 2021.2 release. Users should only click 'Connect to NetSuite' that will start NetSuite's own 3SA flow.

Project (Job) Subject Inspection

The Subject Inspection is a setting that searches the mail subject for a 4-digit number and fetches matching transaction records automatically. Previously, subject inspection did not support Project (Job) records. With this release, we have added the Project (Job) record to the auto fetch feature and will search NetSuite Project (Job) records for all 4+ digit numbers found in the subject line.

What Has Changed in this Release

The CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite v3.5.0.3 contains the following feature changes.


  • Minor changes to improve the user experience:

    This release includes some minor enhancements to the add-in to improve the user experience. We have added a search-box to dropdowns when the number of items in the dropdown is more than twenty list items. This enables users to key-in to filter the list.

    When the custom forms are enabled using the add-in the ‘Create using (Custom Form) field, it is now added to the top of the record creation window where previously users would have to scroll down to find that field.


No feature deprecations in this release.


  • Attachment Slider Removal

    Previously, while attaching, a user was required to first set the attachment slider and then to select individual attachments. However, most of the users would click to attach all images but forget to leave the slider on. This has created a confusion among users who were under the impression that selecting the attachments individually would attach them to the corresponding NetSuite records. Hence, we have eliminated the slider button—users can now select the attachment that needs to be included while associating to NetSuite records.

    Note that with this release, it will no longer possible to have the attachments all selected as a sticky setting. We’re working on a solution to be included in the next minor release.

Fixed Issues

  • Fix for an issue where some users were getting locked out of the app on certain devices

    We have recently had instances where some users were automatically blocked as MS Outlook have been sending large volumes of requests to the CloudExtend backend. This was due to a possible Microsoft bug on Outlook/EdgeHTML.

    Given that the bug has not yet been fully addressed we now mitigate this problem by proactively detecting the issue and rather than blocking requests, we guide the users through remedial action.

  • Issue with Autopilot in multiple shared mailboxes

    We had an issue when using multiple shared mailboxes within an organization. Switching between multiple shared mailboxes, would result in causing some issues for the autopilot feature. This was fixed with this release.

Known Issues

No known issues are in this release.

Downloads and Documentation

To view what’s in store, check out our product roadmap. You can also submit feature requests there.

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