With Google eliminating browser technology (SameSite cookies) in 2023 we had an opportunity to rebuild our application from the ground up. Our NextGen application is built on a new platform that provides us with more flexibility and the ability to deliver new features faster.

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What’s in it for you?

🔵 SameSite cookies are eliminated

Users no longer need to have a NetSuite session open in a separate browser. No more modifying your registry or Chrome policies.

🔵 Secure login

We’ve leveraged NetSuite’s new 3-step authorization to build a secure session flow that natively supports two-factor authentication as well as Single Sign-On.

🔵 New shared email association history

Allows any CloudExtend user cc’d on the email thread to see if the email has been attached (as well as who attached it and what record it was attached to). This will eliminate the duplicate effort and unclutter your Communication tab.

🔵 Improvements to file attachments

Including the ability to select the attachments desired (as opposed to only including all attachments) on a per-record basis. For example, you can attach an email to two NetSuite records at once and have separate attachments go to each record.

🔵 Inline images sync as attachments

Users can select which inline images to include.

🔵 All-new sleek UI

With a user-centric design that allows you to get more done faster.

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