What is the difference between the NextGen and the Legacy application?


Google Gmail for NetSuite


Google Workspace


NetSuite Session Open in another tab for the app to work

Shared Association History

Including the ability to select the attachments desired (as opposed to only including all attachments) on a per-record basis.

Inline images sync as attachments

View, create, and edit Netsuite records from the application

The send from Google Workspace button in NetSuite when composing a new email


πŸ”΅ Anything missing from the CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite(NextGen)?

There are a couple of things missing from the NextGen app, at least for now. When we built the NextGen app we prioritized features used the most and we deprioritized features used the least. The bottom line is we’re launching with a couple of missing (but little used) features.

  • The ability to create/Edit NetSuite records from Gmail will not be available until later in 2022. When it does launch, however, it will be much improved. Users will be able to create/edit directly in the extension instead of having to open NetSuite windows.

  • The ability to open the Gmail compose window from the Gmail subtab in NetSuite will not be available on day one.

  • Navigating to a NetSuite record from within the app is coming soon

  • Record types available for attaching emails are currently limited to those on this list.

πŸ”΅ What is the difference between the NextGen app and the legacy app?

  • All emails will be stored on the native messages tab in NetSuite. Previously a copy of the email was also added to the Gmail sub-tab.

  • Email attachments will be included as part of the email on the native messages tab giving the user full visibility as to where the attachments came from (attachments were previously available on the Files tab without any visibility to their origin).

πŸ”΅ Can I run the NextGen app and the legacy app in parallel?

It is technically possible to use both apps at the same time. We would recommend this only for users that need the app for creating and editing NetSuite records. For most users, we encourage you to turn off the legacy app (navigate to your extensions and click the slider next to the App to disable it).

πŸ”΅ How do I install and use the CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite (NextGen)?

Step 1: Make sure your NetSuite role(s) meet the prerequisites here.

Step 2: Have your admin install the SuiteApp. Click the link to know how.

Step 3: Once installed, then end-users can click here to install the next generation extension.

Step 4: Log in to NetSuite and enjoy.

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