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Admin: CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite Installation/Setup Guide
Admin: CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite Installation/Setup Guide

Gmail | Instructions on how to install/setup Gmail for NetSuite

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Prerequisites to install CloudExtend Google Gmail for NetSuite

  • A valid NetSuite Production/Sandbox account.

  • One of Google Workspace Basic, Business, or Enterprise Editions

  • Google Super Admin privileges to connect Google Workspace to NetSuite

  • NetSuite Admin privileges to install the CloudExtend bundle

    • NetSuite Bundle ID 20497

Gmail Installation Cheatsheet

Refer to the action items section to know the next steps.

  • If you are fluent with installing bundles in your NetSuite instance then gather your NetSuite Admin and your Google Apps Admin you can follow along with the video and step-by-step guide below.

  • If you get stuck email

If you completed the steps below check out the Getting Started Guide for Gmail.

Action Items for installing the CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite

Install CloudExtend Google Marketplace application


  • Google SuperAdmin Profile

  • NetSuite Admin Access

Phase 1: Install the application from the Marketplace

Step 1: Log in to your Google Super Admin Profile.

Step 2: Click on the link.


Step 1: Go into your Google Super Admin Profile by clicking on Google Apps> Admin.

Step 2: It will bring you to your home screen, scroll down and click on Apps > Google Workspace Marketplace apps.

Step 4: Go to Add app to Admin Install list and search for “CloudExtend Enterprise Sync for NetSuite” and install.

Phase 2: Add scopes for Google Drive, Calendar, and Autopilot

Step 1: On your Google Admin Home, go to Security> Overview.

Step 2: Scroll down to API controls then Manage Domain Wide Delegation and click Add New.


  • Check for extra spaces at the start and end of the copied IDs and remove them if there are any

  • Autopilot is only for Enterprise Customers. Skip this step if you are not on Enterprise.

  • Enter the Client ID and OAuth scopes for Calendar and Google Drive.

    • Client ID:

    • OAuth Scopes:,,,

  • Enter the Client ID and OAuth scopes for Autopilot.

    • Client ID:


    • OAuth Scopes:,

✅ Install CloudExtend Google Workspace for NetSuite Bundle

⚠️ Note: Log in as NetSuite admin to have the privilege to install the bundle

Step 1: Hover over to Customization > Suite Bundler > Search and Install Bundles.

Step 2: On the Keywords section, enter 20497 then click on the name and hit Install.

Step 3: Review all the bundle details and click Install Bundle.

Step 4: A new page will appear with the list of bundles installed.

Look for Celigo CloudExtend GSuite for NetSuite.

This may take 3-5 minutes to complete. Click the Refresh button and wait until you see the green check.

✅ Install CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite SuiteApp

Step 1: Hover to SuiteApps and right-click to open a new tab.

Step 2: On the search box, enter “Celigo CloudExtend Google Workspace” then press the application and click on Install.

CloudExtend Component and License Setup

Phase 1: Adding CloudExtend Component

  • Go to the other NetSuite tab and hover to Setup> Custom> Celigo License Manager.

  • Create a trial license for each component:

    • CloudExtend Gdocs

    • CloudExtend Gmail

    • CloudExtend Google Calendar

Step 1: Select a component and click Create Trial License.

Step 2: Enter Company and Contact Information and hit Next.

⚠️ Note: Do not add www to your Web Site.

Step 3: Enter your Company Domain.

⚠️ Note: Do not add www or the @ symbol. Add domain after @ symbol.

Step 4: Hit Finish then Home. It will bring you back to the Celigo License Manager.

Step 5: Repeat steps for each Trial License for each component and make sure that the License Status is Active.

Phase 2: Allocate End-User Licenses via Admin Role or create a purpose-built role

Typically a NetSuite Admin will allocate licenses since their role is highly privileged and requires no special setup.

💡 If you prefer to have other roles allocate licenses first follow the steps in this article to provide the necessary permissions. (Optional)

Allocating Licenses

Step 1: Launch Celigo CloudExtend for Google Workspace in NetSuite by navigating to Setup > Custom > Celigo CloudExtend Setup

Step 2: Authorizing Google to access the NetSuite account

🛑 If this is your first time granting licenses your Google Workspace Super Admin must be present to perform this step the first time licenses are allocated. In no circumstance should someone other than the Google Workspace Super Admin grant these permissions as doing so would remove permissions for all other users.

Subsequent visits to the license manager will not require that permission be granted and this step can be bypassed.

  • First-time users should click on Grant Access in the pop-up If you do not see the pop-up click on the ‘here’ link to bring up the page shown above. Ask your Google Workspace Super Admin to log in to their Google Workspace account and grant access.

  • Click on Next when you see the Thank You message

Step 3: Complete Calendar and One-World Settings

🚨You can skip this step if you did not activate the license for Google Calendar.

Calendar and OneWorld Settings are optional and will appear only if relevant to your account and license.

🛑 We recommended using the standard form Calendar for best results. Using forms with required custom fields that cannot be mapped will cause Event creation to fail.

Choose the relevant options to your account for the fields as pointed by arrows and click Next.

Step 4: Granting User Licenses

Choose one or more Employees to allocate license seats and click Next

You may click All to select/deselect all the employees for a particular product.

Step 5: Completion of Administrator Setup on NetSuite

Congratulations! You are done. Click Finish to go back to NetSuite.

All end-users who have been allocated a license will receive an email from Celigo with instructions on downloading the extension from the Chrome Store.

✅ How to Enable Autopilot (Enterprise Only)

Autopilot enables Gmail users to put an email thread on Autopilot, i.e., once you attach the email to a NetSuite record all subsequent emails in the same thread will automatically attach to the same set of records. Learn more about Autopilot here.

👉 Get the Autopilot feature set by going to this link.

✅ Add or Remove the Google Drive tab to NetSuite records (Enterprise Only)

CloudExtend allows you to view the Google Drive sub-tab on virtually all NetSuite record types, including custom. See the steps here.

✅ Adding Permissions to NetSuite roles

Adding permissions to the applicable NetSuite roles

Ensure that the following permissions are enabled on all roles that will be logging in and using CloudExtend by navigating Setup> Users/Roles > Manage Roles.

  1. SOAP Web Services

  2. User Access Tokens

  3. SAML Single Sign-On (ONLY if your company uses Single Sign-On, ie OKTA, OneLogin, etc. - If you enable SSO and do not actually use SSO, users will NOT be able to login to NetSuite until you remove it).

  4. Allow JS/HTML uploads if your user will need to upload .js and .htm files

  5. Documents and Files (if users will be attaching files): Minimum permission required is Create.

  6. Track Messages: Minimum permission required is Create.

👉 Check out CloudExtend Login Prerequisites to learn more about permissions.

Additional Permission for Custom Fields

Certain NetSuite roles do not allow custom fields to be displayed without explicitly telling them to. If you are not able to see custom fields try switching to a different role. If none of your roles show share this article with your NetSuite Admin and ask them to grant your role the required permissions.

Step 1: NetSuite admin to ensure that view permissions are set for the records and roles you are working with. Typically the following are added.

Under Setup Tab

Custom Column Fields
Custom Body Fields
Custom Record Types
Custom Entity Fields
Custom Item fields
Custom Sublist fields
Custom Sublists fields
Custom Lists
Custom Transaction Fields

Customer Status

Under List Tab
Custom Record Entries

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