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End-User: Getting Started Guide for Excel Data Management

XLNS | End-User Getting Started Guide

Updated over a week ago

CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite allows users to access and edit NetSuite data directly from within Excel, in real-time and with a single click. Take full advantage of Excel’s data manipulation functions to retrieve, update, add, and delete NetSuite data from multiple record types

Finance, Sales and Marketing, Operations, NetSuite Admins, and all NetSuite users can benefit from CloudExtend Excel.

We recommend watching this brief overview video and then following the steps below to get started.

All in 1 video:

What are templates?

Real-Time and Background Upload

Users will still see the prompt to switch to background mode if one of their batches takes more than 40 seconds to upload. They can either ignore it or switch to background mode at that point. Learn more about it here.

👉 Check out the feature comparison chart to learn more about this release.

Need Help?

Hit the Help button on the bottom right of the screen and get in touch with our awesome support to help you!

If you have any questions or would like a walkthrough please reach out to your Customer Success Manager at

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