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XLNS | Learn the two methods of upload using CloudExtend

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CloudExtend reads the number of lines when uploading data to NetSuite.

Record Type

Real-Time Upload

(Sync Flow)

Background Upload

(Asynchronous Flow)

Journal Entries

At least 1000 rows in the table

Rows greater than 1000 in the table

For all other record types

At least 5000 rows in the table

Rows greater than 5000 in the table

๐Ÿ’ก Note: Users will still see the prompt to switch to background mode if one of their batches takes more than 40 seconds to upload. They can either ignore it or switch to background mode at that point.

Real-Time Upload

Let's say you have 500 lines of records lines to NetSuite, initially, it will be a real-time upload. If it's taking time to upload a batch (more than 40 seconds), it gives a prompt if you want to stay on real-time upload or you want to switch to Background upload.

If you choose to switch to background upload, all of your data will be submitted once and will be queued for processing. You can continue working on Excel and submit other CloudExtend jobs and will be notified if the job is complete.

You can also set it to be the default upload method of the sheet.

Defaulting to Background Upload

If you want to set Background Upload to all worksheets, enable the feature in Settings

Take note that Background upload is only recommended for large data sets. Setting it as a default for all worksheets may result in slower uploads for smaller data sets.

Step 1: Click the Menu button and go to Settings.

Step 2: Toggle on Background upload by default.

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