CloudExtend read the number of lines when uploading data to NetSuite.

Real-time Upload is the default setting if you are sending records to NetSuite with at least 200 total lines.

When sending more than 200 lines of records, it will automatically send data to NetSuite using Background Upload. Watch the video below to see how it works.

💡 Note:

This threshold applies to the beta and will change when we go to production

Let's say you have 60 lines of records lines to NetSuite, initially, it will be a real-time upload. If it's taking time to upload (more than 40 seconds), it gives a prompt if you want to stay on real-time upload or you want to switch to Background upload.

If you choose to switch to background upload, all of your data will be submitted once and will be queued for processing. You can continue working on excel and submit other CloudExtend jobs and will be notified if the job is complete.

You can also set it to be the default upload method of the sheet.

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