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XLNS NextGen | How to Manage your templates

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When you complete the migration process, the templates from the previous version will now be accessible in your template list.

πŸ’‘ Note:

After migration, any workbooks that contain calculations and formulas that are used to pull data to your CloudExtend template will still function as is.

We have a full article on how to log in and have an overview of how this new version works!

πŸš€ The guide can be found here!

Template Repository

Go to Menu> Templates.

πŸ‘‰ Learn more about templates here.

How to Load Templates


  • Ensure that you OPEN A NEW WORKBOOK OR ADD A WORKSHEET BEFORE LOADING TEMPLATES, as all content on the active worksheet will be erased.

From the Template List

Step 1: Open a new workbook or add a worksheet in Excel.

Step 2: Hit Menu > Templates.

From the Main Screen

Step 1: Open a new workbook or add a worksheet in Excel.

Step 2: Enable the Start with a Template button.

Step 3: Select the options to start working on your NetSuite records.


πŸ”΅ Can we use the template shared or received from another user?

  • Yes, you can. It will be recognized by the CloudExtend app.

πŸ”΅ Will the calculations and formulas still work using our existing workbooks?

  • Yes! No need to change the current process that you have. The workbooks that you are using right now will work as is.

πŸ”΅ How can I share templates with the organization?

πŸ”΅ What version of CloudExtend am I using?

If you are using CloudExtend NextGen, you will see two tabs:

The NextGen version of CloudExtend Excel will incorporate the merging of the two Excel applications, given that you possess a license for both apps.

  • There is no requirement to install a separate application, as both functionalities will be accessible within one platform.

  • Effortlessly log in and connect to NetSuite for each of the applications

  • Utilize your Microsoft or Google account to access both apps through a unified user interface.

If you are using the previous version, it would look like this:

As always, before upgrading to NextGen it would be best to communicate with your admin prior to upgrading. See the guide here to UPGRADE.

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