Auto-fetch Enhancements
When a user clicks 'Attach Email to NetSuite' they now have more control over which records in NetSuite to automatically search for (auto-fetch). Transaction records can now be included in auto fetch results as well.

  • Users can now configure records that will be auto-fetched by default. A new option to configure records is added in settings.

  • This configure setting allows users to configure the app to auto fetch both entities and transactions. For example, if you have a contact on an Opportunity (marked as primary contact) the Opportunity will surface with auto fetch. Learn more about how the auto-fetch works here.

  • For performance reasons, non Enterprise Edition users can select a maximum of 4 record types (with contact selected by default)

  • Enterprise Edition Users with can select all record types as long as the CloudExtend bundle is installed in their account (the bundle improves performance).

Other Enhancements

  • Added support for Job (Project) record type

  • Added Lead Source field while creating new Contact record

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