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  • Added support for Token Based Authentication (TBA) for Enterprise customers. TBA allows you to sign in securely using roles that would typically require two-factor authentication (2FA)
    - Admins - click here to learn how to set up TBA for your org
    - End users - click here to learn how to sign in with TBA

  • Added SSO based login with support for SAML 2.0 based IDPs including Okta, Onelogin, and Azure AD for Enterprise customers*
    - To set up SSO for your org click the chat icon at the bottom right and start a conversation

  • Added ability to auto search transaction records based on 5 digit numbers in subject

  • Optimized Search


  • Fixed an issue with Opportunities not getting fetched with partial title search

  • Fixed caching issue while searching Job records.¬†

  • Other minor fixes.¬†

*SSO login is currently available only on Windows devices

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