Why is this needed?

To further align our App with Google’s recommended practices for Enterprise Applications by moving authorizations steps from the user level to the Admin level CloudExtend Enterprise Sync for NetSuite must be installed in your Google Workspace account. 

What is required from end-users?

There is no action required by end-users of the application as long as the Google Workspace Admin has installed the CloudExtend Marketplace App.

What happens if I don't install?

Users in your domain will see oAuth related errors and will not be able to login into the CloudExtend Gmail Extension until the Google Workspace Admin installs the CloudExtend Marketplace App.

What's required from Admins?

  • Navigate to Google Admin console: https://admin.google.com/{YOURDOMAIN}/AdminHome 

  • Login with Super Admin or any admin credentials which has permissions to install 3rd party apps.

  • Click on Apps.

  • Click on G Suite Marketplace apps.

  • Select Add app to Domain Install list.

  • Search for “CloudExtend Enterprise Sync for NetSuite”.

  • Click on DOMAIN INSTALL and follow the install wizard as below

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