The July 10th update consists of some minor performance improvements as well as some long requested enhancements.

If you have trouble updating your App please refer to this article for help.


  • Previously if your NetSuite account was too busy to process a message, CloudExtend would silently retry in the background which could take some time. This update will help explain any delays by showing the end user a message letting them know that NetSuite is busy while we retry the request. This information may help your NetSuite Admin improve performance.

  • For users with the CloudExtend bundle installed we've fixed an issue with the App not prompting for a password update while fetching records using bundle. This was causing the app to retry multiple times locking the user out of NetSuite. 

  • Added a setting to ignore the logged in NetSuite user's email while fetching contextual records. This setting is enabled by default.  This has been a popular request and should eliminate the volume of records returned and make those that are returned more relevant.  

  • Added a work around to default from Email to Outlook Email address, when the Outlook fails to return from Email, causing NetSuite message attach to fail. 

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