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  • Admins no longer need to enable tokens for users that logged in with token based authentication (TBA) or Single Sign On

  • Reduced the load size of the App to improve performance

  • Enabled new NetSuite login flow with support for
    - Two-factor authentication
    - Single Sign On
    - Seamless TBA sign on for users with 'User Access Tokens' permission

  • Learn more about the new login flow and prerequisites here

Prerequisites (and more on TBA)

One of the best ways to reduce NetSuite concurrency requests is to use Token Based Authentication. Previously users or admins would have to create tokens and secrets and enter them into the CloudExtend App and secure them with a pin. We now leverage NetSuite API to automatically create the token and secret for you.

  • While not required, it's recommended that your Admin enable 'User Access Token' permission for your role. This will seamlessly create a connection using TBA

  • For best performance (and support for tokens) make sure your organization has installed the CloudExtend bundle into your NetSuite instance.

  • All users will need to know your NetSuite account number when you first login

Again, full details on the new login flow and prerequisites can be found here

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